We Are Hiring

We Are Hiring


We get started in the hiring process for summer as early as possible so we can get the best staff for our summer camp. We are currently in the process of reviewing and interview applicants for counselors, kitchen staff and nurses. If you are interested, head over to our Why Work At MMR Page https://bit.ly/workatMMR

Being part of the MMR team is a life changing experience, for you and for the campers. You  will grow in work ethic, friendships, leadership and impact young lives. Submit your application to ensure that you have the most rewarding summer of a lifetime. 




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  1. I’ve been on a horse since I was 2 years old, am a California State gymkhana champion, have western shown, team roping, training of horses using Monty Ribbans training. Can give vaccines, do massage and body works on horses was train by a horse vet. I’m going ood with children ,dogs and horses. My boss passed away in January of this year, is why I’m even looking for a job. I worked for her for 7 years and would of worked for her until I was to old to do it any longer.

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