About Us

Mountain Meadow Ranch is a co-ed, sleep away summer camp for ages 7 to 16. We have been family owned and operated since our first summer in 1956. Our current directors are our third generation! Uniquely located on a spacious 900-acre ranch north of Lake Tahoe, in the northeastern slopes of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are nestled between the preserved natural beauty of the Lassen and Plumas National Forests, and the wild desert of the Great Basin. We offer a traditional camp program during the best weeks of summer. Our unique summer camp philosophy allows campers to grow as individuals and  bond as a group, becoming like family through the positive environment and the many activities we provide. 


 Our Program

As we like to say, “it’s more than just tons of fun!”

We believe our commitment to these four ideals are what set our summer camp program apart from the rest:

Our enrollment is limited to approximately 100 campers per session. Keeping our camp family small makes it easy for everyone to feel included and make genuine connections. With the help of our returning campers (+70% return since 1993), a strong sense of family develops quickly. As a part of the family, each camper is invited to contribute to the positive environment of encouragement, caring, and connection that mark a family.  Making friends is easy when you are in a culture that celebrates uniqueness and authenticity. Come to connect!

In todays techno-saturated, high-pressure world we all need a chance to take a step back and really rest. Time for the just the quiet, for the sounds of nature and time to process. As we unplug from technology, we find joy, we plug back into life authentic. Come to unplug.

We believe a connection to nature is crucial for all children and our program provides the opportunity to fall in love with the great outdoors. The nature surrounding the ranch beckons exploration and adventure. Opportunities for new experiences that expand physical and social skills abound. Come to explore!
Mountain Meadow Ranch is a place where fears are conquered and identities found. Vast are the opportunities to grow at Mountain Meadow Ranch. The growth in character we aim for is summed up in an ancient Maidu word, Aj Yepekanbe meaning serve all. This is the very heart of MMR and the guiding principles of all that we do. Come to grow.

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