Diversity + Inclusion

At Mountain Meadow Ranch, we believe that summer camp experiences equip young people with a robust and inclusive worldview, established through meaningful,  real-life connections with the diverse community of people often met at camp. We also recognize and acknowledge the privileged legacy of organized camping that has often made it difficult for all populations to gain access to the camp experience. We are actively working to increase the diversity and representation of different backgrounds at MMR, through maintaining curiosity in the ways we can improve, educating ourselves to better implement those strategies of inclusion, and increasing access and/or removing obstacles to the camp experience where we can. 

If you would like to hear more about our efforts to make MMR a safe and inclusive space, or if you have a perspective, resources, or input to share, we invite you to reach out to us either by email to fun@mountainmeadow.com or call us at 530-310-9281.

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