Why Work at MMR

Thank you for your interest in working at Mountain Meadow Ranch!

Working at CampWe invite you to have the summer of your life. A summer full of growth and discovery, laughs and silliness. Mountain Meadow is all that is camp, meaning it’s just plain a good time.

We desire something much deeper as well. Our biggest mission as a camp is to create a place of safety and freedom for our campers to experience a way of living that isn’t the norm in our world. Where we are quick to love and include but also encouraged to grow and face our fears. We believe a huge part of this is our camp counselors. You are the vessel for fun and adventure and the role model for this culture. The staff can make or break this. Our counselors must dedicate themselves to providing the campers with a memorable and fun experience. We are searching for potential counselors that want to break away from the norm and be a part of this selfless culture. Not only that, but those who want to passionately pursue this lifestyle! If being apart of a something that truly impact kids lives and will change yours forever, we would love Mountain Meadow to be your home away from home….

Before applying please read and fully comprehend the following:

We ask that all of our staff commit to our mission. We believe that we must value the following as a team in order to focus on the mission above. We realize this is not for the faint of heart. The policies we put in place for our staff will turn most away but inspire those who are up for the challenge.

The Aj Yepekane commitment for our staff:

  • Working at MMRInclusiveness

I will view all of my co staff and a unit that together we are stronger.

  • Empathy

I will strive see past my own perspective

  • Encouragement

I will be quick to love and see the best in my co-staff

  • Stewardship

I will respect Mountain Meadow Ranch and treat it as my home

  • Integrity

I will choose honesty

  • Courageousness

With the support of my camp family I will strive to fight my fears and break out of my comfort zones

  • Authenticity

I will be real and celebrate my uniqueness

  • Mindfulness

I will strive to be present in every moment. Slow to speak, quick to listen…

  • Selflessness

I will think less often of myself and more of those around me

  • Grace

I will be quick to forgive

  • Substance Free

I choose to live a sober summer

  • Unplugged

I choose to be tech free

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