A sleep away camp in Northern California is indeed a highly unique experience for our little ones. It does not just offer young people the opportunity to navigate the great outdoors, but it fosters the confidence to meet new people and experience different activities while exploring their own independence. At a sleep away camp in Northern California, your kids can explore the outdoors, play, and learn together while making new friends. It will create a sense of team work and improves a child’s self-esteem, social skills and independence in a healthy, natural environment. Better yet, despite your best efforts to keep your little hatchlings close to the nest, once they get a taste of camping with other kids their age, as parents you are going to have an easy time getting them to attend that same camp the next summer.

Yes, when you are a parent it could be quite difficult to fathom even a single night away from your child- we do understand. Being over protective is innate emotion in every parent but you also need to understand that a sleep-away camp experience is a rite of passage which your kid truly deserves — and needs — to experience. Even if those weeks when they are gone will have you longing their return, be assured that in most cases they are having so much fun that the week or weeks fly by and they don’t want it to be over!

A sleep away camp inspires personal advancement in younger people views towards life. These types of camping opportunities show children there is something outside of their home and can help them see a bigger world and set their spirits on pursuing their dreams. Camping is an education in critical social, self-learning, and self-concept that help children navigate and perform better in school settings and the real world.

According to a research, “a young person’s road to development and success can most effectively result through the practice of setting and pursuing goals, living responsibly in the world, reflecting on their achievements and disappointments, and taking progressive action towards their dreams.”

When you think of enrolling your kid in a good sleep away camp just remember to check all the details. By critical study research over a camping program you can easily find out a camp which best suits you and be sure that the programs are according to the age and ability of our adorable little campers. By this you can enhance the experience of your child by taking fun and amalgamating it with the outdoor-traditional sleepaway camping to a whole new level of learning and growth. The highly supportive environment during such camps encourages these munchkins to challenge themselves and develop self-confidence with a hint of independence mixed with responsibility as well as leadership.
Be open to new experiences for your little campers. This, in a way, is building up a huge part of their personality as well as their future. Don’t suffocate them within the boundaries of your home, thinking it is the only safe haven for them.

Be rested as the would also be having camp counselors who are usually grown-ups and older teens these counselors will be on hand to lead activities and keep our fragile cupcake quite safe, just like you do at home. For example, if the child scrapes his knee, a camp counselor would help him get it cleaned up and bandaged. And if by bad luck any campers get sick, a counselor could dial up your digits along with a doctor to get the young one taken care of.

Relax. Have fun and let them have fun too!!

They would grow up one way or another. Why not just let them be rather than force them into growing up with a hypersensitive environment?