Meet The Directors

The Ellena Family

A third generation passion.

Brandon, Milo (3), Katherine, Jack Jr., Jody, Leo (8), Jovie (5), Sarah Joy and Burley, Rocco (3), Isaac, Anna and River, Sam

Owners – Jack “Chip” Ellena Jr. & Jody “Mamma Jo”

Jack “Chip” Ellena Jr. is the son of Mountain Meadow Ranch founders Jack and Jacquie Ellena. Chip and his wife Jody have served as camp directors since 1989. As they have transitioned into semi-retirement, they function as advisors and supports to current Directors. They both love to check-in on camp and see the campers and staff running to and fro. Mountain Meadow Ranch is home for Chip & Jody year round and summer camp is their life. They are thrilled to be a family business, in the truest sense, with two of their three daughters actively involved.

Brandon & Katherine Whitestone (& Milo, too!)

Brandon – Staff Director & Ranch Manager
Brandon was born and raised locally. With his background developing youth leadership with young people, studying youth ministries at Masters College. Brandon is an ideal addition to the MMR team serving as a Staff Director as well as a Ranch Manager. Brandon is a natural born leader that brings out the best in the staff. Brandon has a passion for life that is contagious and  he is devoted to promoting the heart of MMR.

Katherine – Staff & Program Director, Third Generation
Katherine was born and raised at Mountain Meadow Ranch and understands all aspects of the camp experience. She has true empathy for  both campers and staff. As the Camp Shepherd she nurtures the heart of camp, overseeing the welfare of individuals. As such, she is passionate about the implementation of our Servanthood Philosophy. She is a certified ACA Camp Director and certified in Mental Health First Aid.

Anna & Sam Ellena-Rosenau (and River, too!)

Anna – Administrator & Director, Third Generation
B.A. Honors Psychology with Human Services Certificate

Anna has a lifetime of camp experience, growing up at MMR took her from camper to counselor, kitchen manager to director. Studying Psychology with hands on experience and training equipped her with an empathic worldview that she takes into her work at camp. She is passionate about making the camp experience meaningful and positive for everyone involved, from parents to campers to staff. You’ll hear from her often as she processes registration and tuition, and runs our in-summer “Parent Line.”

Sam – Director & Ranch Support
B.A. Religious Studies with Philosophy

Marrying into the family and business, Sam fell in love with MMR in every sense: the idyllic natural setting, the off-season ranch work, and the summer-season working with campers and staff. Having gone to different camps as a teenager, he understands the impact it can have on a young person’s growth and development. Further, his experience leading as an RA, camp counselor, and team lead in other areas has equipped him well for this position. Sam is passionate about fostering meaningful experiences and growth at camp. 


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