Staff Testimonials

“One of the biggest things I learned from camp is to truly live in the moment. It sounds cliché but it’s so important to stop and think and just really exist in a moment without worrying about the past or looking forward…MMR taught me a lot of things; it taught me to be selfless, to live in the moment, and that genuine friendships are hard to come by, and what a true friendship really is.”

 – Kaileigh Phelps 


“Mountain Meadow Ranch is SO much more than an idyllic oasis in the woods. Here lies a place where what it means to be a family is redefined: Friends become family in just two short weeks. As a counselor, you will realize how the children rely upon you, but even more inspiring is the way you will learn that you rely on them. MMR counselors are role models. We are held to the highest standard, but through those standards we learn to rise to a set of expectations that we should have already set for ourselves. At Mountain Meadow Ranch the best version of yourself will surface, surrounded by campers and staff whom only wish to see you succeed!”

 – Abigail Goad

“Although the group of staff come from all over the world, thanks to the great recruitment they share so much with one with another, as people and their values. During staff week there is an almost instant bond were lifelong friendships are made. You work together, you learn together, you laugh together, you cry together.”

– Edward Reeves


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