COVID-19 Expectations + Protocols Summer 2022

The following information is provided to give you an idea of our COVID-19 protocols for Summer 2022. As it is only January, it is highly likely some aspects of the following may change before your camper’s session start date. Should anything change, we will alert you via email.

Mountain Meadow Ranch is well-suited for operating safely within the guidelines and expectations due to our mostly outdoor setting. Campers live in cabins that are easily ventilated due to mild summer temperatures, eat in the open air, and participate in outdoor activities. Cabins, bathrooms, and our Health Center are the only indoor facilities campers will be using this summer. We continue to adapt every aspect of our program – including dining, activities, and transportation – to mitigate the risk of exposure to and spread of COVID-19 while maintaining the fun and integrity of our camp program. 

As in 2021, we are working hard to make this summer one of the best and as normal as possible under the restrictions. We will be implementing many layers of Non-Pharmacological Interventions (NPIs), to help keep our entire MMR camp family safe. In 2021, as a result of the multi-layered approach of our protocols, we were able to celebrate  a completely COVID-free camp experience.


Pre-Camp COVID-19 Checklist*

*Details for each step can be found in later sections

  • Review and submit all forms by May 1, 2022.
  • Complete your camper’s Pre-Arrival Screening Form. This will become available within your Parent Account two weeks prior to your camper’s session and must be COMPLETED and SUBMITTED on the Saturday prior to your camper’s session. 

Plan for your camper’s pre-camp COVID-19 PCR Test.


In order to operate a safe and successful summer, we must all work together to send healthy campers to camp at the start of the session. We are asking all campers and staff to follow important health and safety measures before and during camp. The preparation for camp must include new things this year as we aim to keep the safety of our camp families a top priority. Thank you for supporting and adhering to the precautionary measures outlined below.

Pre-Camp Expectations: Staying Healthy Before Camp

As our camp family includes members from different areas, we are asking families to follow these precautions in the days leading up to camp to protect our community. A healthy camp starts at home. All campers: 
  • Avoid any unnecessary travel in the 14 days prior to camp. 
  • Follow common-sense health protocols to avoid COVID exposure while traveling to camp and in the days leading up to camp. These guidelines include:
    • Wear a face covering when outside of your household.
    • Avoid close contact with those outside of your household.
  Campers who are still in school or must attend out-of-home childcare during the week leading up to their session are required to follow masking and distancing guidelines while there and maintain family bubble expectations while not at school. Campers who are attending a different camp program that overlaps with the two-week period prior to MMR arrival must be cleared by a Director to confirm the program’s health and safety protocols and that MMR’s pre-camp requirements can still be observed.     

COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Screening Form (due the Saturday before your session begins)

This form will be available two weeks prior to your camper’s arrival at camp and must be submitted NO LATER than the SATURDAY (day before) before opening day. This is where you can submit your camper’s negative PCR test result, vaccination verification card, COVID-19 health history, and pre-camp behavior from the 14 days before the start of your child’s session. This form is REQUIRED for all campers attending camp this summer. If we do not receive this form by SATURDAY (the day before) prior to your session start, your camper will not be able to join the camp family. 

Testing (taken the Thursday before your session begins)

Any updates to our testing program will be communicated prior to your camper’s session. ALL campers must provide results of a negative PCR SARS-CoV-2 test taken on the Thursday prior (within 72 hours) to the start of the session. Test results need to be included on the Pre-Arrival Screening form on the Saturday before your session begins.  Failure to provide proof of a negative PCR test result from within 72 hours of opening day will result in campers not being admitted to camp.  Only PCR test results will be accepted.  Do not submit results of any antigen-based testing; these will not be accepted and the camper will not be admitted to camp. All expenses incurred from this test will be the responsibility of the families.  We will additionally test ALL campers 3 days after arrival at camp with rapid antigen tests. We will further test and isolate campers or staff in the event they present high-risk symptoms not explained by other conditions or environmental factors.

Traveling by Personal Vehicle 

Campers who are arriving by car should only travel with people from their immediate family. Further, while traveling they should follow the CDC’s travel guidance. You will be allotted a time window for drop-off. To ensure a smooth transition for all arriving camp families, please respect and honor your time. We encourage families to make use of the trip to camp and start their goodbye process early.  To protect our camp community, these are our camper drop off procedures for this summer:
  • Follow the signs to the designated drop-off location, right in the heart of camp. 
  • At this time, you will have a small window of time to chat with a Director and say one last goodbye to your camper. 
    • All parents must maintain distance during drop-off. 
    • To accommodate all of our campers, you will need to depart the drop-off location after your child has been screened and connected with a staff member. 
  • A staff member will help with your camper’s luggage and accompany them into camp to get settled in.
  • We will not be offering tours of camp beyond the designated drop-off location and only our campers and staff are allowed on camp premises. 

Traveling by MMR Shuttle 

In order to minimize the risk of COVID transmission, following the guidance of the ACA, CDC, and in consultation with health officials: 
  • Masks will be required on all camp vehicles unless drinking or eating for short periods of time.
  • To reduce risk of transmission at the bus stop, parents are asked to maintain distance from staff and other camper families. 
  • Everyone on the bus will be required to wear a face covering unless they are drinking water. 
  • To accommodate all of our campers and safely board our buses, you will need to depart the parking lot after your child has been screened and has boarded the bus.

Traveling by Air

Campers arriving by air will follow the CDC’s travel guidance. Campers who travel to camp via a flight at the Reno Airport will need to schedule arrival/departure before or as close to 12noon as possible.  Campers are required to follow all CDC recommended health guidelines, including masking, while in public places or on public transportation traveling to camp. Campers will be greeted at the airport by camp staff, screened, introduced to other campers, and board the bus (with counselors) to travel to camp. Travelers from outside the United States will need to comply with State Department requirements for travel at the time of their trip (a comprehensive list is available here). If the test used to fly will be older than 72 hours at the time of your arrival at camp or the bus stop, you must arrange for a test in the United States to meet that requirement. Flight recommendations from LAX and SFO can be found in the 2022 Parent Handbook. For recommendations or assistance booking flights from other areas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cabin Group

For each of our campers, their cabin group is their “household” for their time at MMR. They will live together in the same ventilated cabin, have meals together, sit together at campfires or other all-camp gatherings, When with their group, masks and distancing will not be required. 

The 2 of 3 Rule

We will be following the 2 of 3 Rule any time campers are interacting with campers and staff outside of their own cabin group.  The 2 of 3 Rule means MMR family members will meet two out of three of the following protocols:
  • Be outdoors
  • Wear a mask
  • Observe reasonable distance


When in larger groups or areas where they are mixing with other cabin groups, campers and staff will follow the 2 of 3 Rule.  All campers and staff will be required to have a mask on hand at all times when outside of their cabin building. We recommend purchasing a mask chain or lanyard for campers to easily keep and locate their mask each day. Please refer to the 2022 Parent Handbook for mask and mask lanyard recommendations. As mentioned in the “Cabin Group” section above, campers will not be required to wear masks when with their own group or when outdoors and mindful of their distance from other campers and staff.


We are excited to offer all activities this summer, both on and off-site.


As always, campers will wash their hands thoroughly prior to each meal.  While walking in and out of the dining hall for any reason campers and staff will wear masks, as when in any other indoor facility other than their cabin. Occupancy inside the dining hall will be limited and entrances and exits will be designated. While sitting down and dining with their cabin group, campers and staff will not be required to wear masks.  Meals will be served family-style or buffet style, with only cabin groups at the buffet at a time.

Daily Health Screening

Counselors will do a visual and verbal health screening as well as temperature check of each of their campers every morning prior to breakfast and will report to the Health Care staff the status of their campers’ health. Any campers with illness symptoms or health needs will be referred to the Health Care staff for assessment and treatment.

Day-Three Rapid Testing

One day three of camp, ALL campers will undergo rapid antigen testing. After this testing, restrictions will ease. Particularly with regards to outdoor camp-wide activities. However, dining protocols will remain the same throughout the duration of the session.

All-Camp Events

Large group events will be held outdoors and, if adequate spacing between cabin groups is not possible, masks will be worn. We will follow the 2 of 3 Rule at all times in these scenarios.


There are several ways we will be providing updates and information to parents while your camper is with us this summer. We will be using emails (be sure and are approved senders in your email), text messages, and calls from the MMR Line at 530-310-9281. Please check your email regularly before and during your camper’s stay.  See below (in the FAQ) for more details about our criteria for contacting parents.


If eligible, staff, volunteers, campers, and family members should get fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Be sure to schedule your vaccinations so as to be fully vaccinated before traveling to camp.  We are working to ensure 100% of our staff are vaccinated prior to summer and hope that many of our eligible campers are also vaccinated this summer. The more people in our camp community who are vaccinated, the less likely we are to have anyone contract the virus and be required to shorten their camp stay. Due to the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant among both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, ALL Campers are required to submit results of a negative PCR test prior to arrival at camp AND take the additional screening tests at camp.  Vaccinated campers will not have the same quarantine precautions as unvaccinated campers should someone in their cabin test positive for COVID-19 while at camp. 

Visitors & Tours

In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure, we MAY NOT be hosting any camp tours or allowing visitors (including parents and relatives of campers and staff) onto camp premises this summer. Only staff and campers who have met the pre-camp and ongoing testing requirements will be allowed on camp premises.



We are not comfortable sending our camper to camp this summer, what is the cancellation policy?

If you are unsure or uncomfortable about sending your camper to camp this summer, please see our cancellation policy here.


How did you determine your protocols and procedures for COVID-19 at MMR this summer?

We are well versed in the CDC, ACA, and CDPH guidance and requirements to fit our camp program. We continue to work daily to review and make updates to ensure that our program and protocols are the safest and most up-to-date possible given the continually evolving COVID-19 pandemic.


What if my camper tests positive for COVID-19 on the pre-camp PCR test?

Unfortunately, your child will not be able to attend their scheduled session. Due to CDC guidelines, any positive test, even if followed shortly after with a negative test, requires a 5-day quarantine period. Due to our short sessions, we cannot welcome campers after the first full day as it will inhibit their full experience of camp. We will work with you to reschedule your child’s camp stay to a later session or defer enrollment to 2022.


What if my child tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp, whether as a part of camp-wide testing or individual testing following reported symptoms?

Your camper will be immediately quarantined at camp and, depending on the timing of the test, you will be contacted to pick up your camper at camp within 12 hours. 


What if my child’s pre-camp COVID-19 test results are not ready before departing for camp?

We must have your camper’s negative COVID-19 test results prior to boarding a camp bus or being dropped off at camp.


Does my insurance cover the cost for the COVID-19 test done prior to and during my child’s camp session?

Some insurance carriers may cover testing, be sure to check with your insurance company.


If I have to pick up my child early from camp due to a COVID-19 positive test result will we receive a tuition refund?

Yes, we will provide a prorated refund starting at the time your camper is picked up from camp.


What if a camper or staff in my child’s cabin tests positive for COVID-19 at camp?

Campers who have been exposed to a camper with a positive COVID-19 result will continue with camp programming with some modifications to limit exposure to people outside their cabin group. Changes to programming will conclude after three days with confirmation of a negative test result. Monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms will continue for the remainder of the camp stay. 


Are you requiring staff or your campers age 12 and older to be vaccinated?

Per CDC recommendations for summer camps, we are strongly encouraging all members of our camp community who are eligible to receive the vaccination.


What if my child has a condition that may mimic the symptoms of COVID-19?

Please update your camper’s health form to indicate their condition and the symptoms to our Health Care staff. 


What if my camper is medically exempt from wearing masks? 

We invite them to join us for camp in Summer 2023 when mask requirements may be less likely. We, unfortunately, cannot accommodate staff or campers that are unable to wear masks as this is a requirement from the CDC in order to keep the entire camp family safe. For any further clarification on why we came to this conclusion, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer this more fully.



CDC Guidance for Operating Youth and Summer Camps During COVID-19
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