Health, Safety & Dining


We have a resident health care professional at MMR at all times. They are here to care for the camp family’s well being, administering first aid when necessary and any daily medications. Our health care center is fully equipped and we keep a comfortable infirmary. The closest hospital is just a 10 minutes drive from camp. Health forms are required for each camper prior to camp attendance. All medications and health forms are confidential.

Following camp doctor recommendations, washing hands before meals has become an effective ritual to keep the camp family safe from any outbreaks. Campers are encouraged to wash their hands, and given hand sanitizer as they come through the line directly before a meal. The health of the camp family is very important to us. However, we can only be as healthy as each member. For this reason, we strongly ask that campers not join MMR if they are sick or were recently exposed to a sickness. Even the common cold can put a big damper on the fun and play of camp. 

*Due to the ongoing and ever-evolving Covid-19 pandemic, we are continually developing and implementing any necessary and relevant protocols and procedures in line with the CDC and state and local guidance to ensure the health and well-being of our camp family. You can read about any relevant protocols for your camp season here.


At MMR, we pride ourselves on adhering to the highest standards of safety in all areas of camp. We have always gone above and beyond the thorough standards of the American Camping Association. All activities are run by fully trained staff members.

Supervision is a high priority in all activity areas. Staff to camper ratio averages 5:1. Staff are rigorously trained on best practices and follow the rule of three: no one-on-one time unless it is in clear view of other camp members. Our Nurse, with their personal insurance, are the only authorized staff to be in a one-on-one setting if deemed necessary for a medical, safety, or privacy/confidentiality reason.

We take the topic of sun protection and hydration very seriously, as well! Counselors ensure that sunscreen is applied before any activity that takes place in open sun and reapplied as necessary. If your child is sensitive to the sun please send them with a sun guard shirt to wear, especially out at the Lake. Even our best efforts to consistently apply sunscreen can’t protect their skin the way a shirt and hat can, especially when they are playing and in and out of the water! For hydration, every activity requires the camper to bring a full water bottle and drink it throughout. On particularly hot and dry days, we start all meals with a full glass of water. Gatorade or other hydration supports are available at the Camp Nurse. 

Fire Safety Protocol

Extensive information on our fire, evacuation, and air quality protocols can be found here

2020 and 2021 were record drought years resulting in multiple years without adequate precipitation through the year.

2022 we were fortunate to have NO fires or smoke impact our summer and were able to run the full summer without fire or smoke concerns.

In 2o23, we have seen an almost complete return to pre-drought precipitation levels. We are hopeful that last year’s trend will continue and we will maintain the snowpack in the mountains that ensures our forests stay healthy and hydrated all summer long. 

At the same time, we recognize the risk and danger of wildfires in California as a result of climate change and unpredictable weather patterns. In response, we have developed protocols to ensure the safety of our camp family. If a fire were to threaten MMR so as to require an evacuation, we would initiate our Evacuation Protocol early and with ample time to ensure the safe and calm evacuation of the camp family. Should air quality in our area worsen, we initiate our Air Quality Protocol.

Dining Hall

camp diningHere in the kitchen at Mountain Meadow Ranch we are committed to feeding campers nutritious, wholesome, and yummy meals! We are happy to accommodate a variety of dietary needs and there is always a vegetarian option available.

Meals are served either family style or as a buffet. Everyone is free to sit where they choose as they enjoy their meals under the canopy overlooking the beautiful Lagoon.

The daily menu often consists of organic, grass-fed beef, pork, and chicken. Fresh fruit & vegetables, eggs, fresh baked goods, and a salad bar are also regularly available. A favorite night at camp are some of our “themed” dinners, including a Fiesta, Luau, BBQ, & Italian.

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