Getting to camp is the beginning of the adventure – enjoy the journey! There are a few ways to get to camp:

Three Travel Options

Dropping off at camp affords you the opportunity to see camp, meet a Director, and meet one of your camper’s cabin staff at check-in. Follow the signs to the designated drop-off location where a Director will greet you. Each family/carpool pod will be assigned an hour window for drop-off. Please be prompt and keep to your allotted window as it assists with lines and wait times at Check-In. We ask that you keep the visit to 1 hour max to ensure your camper can transition to camp time. We schedule drop-off between 9am-12pm with a later window after lunch from 1-2pm. Please specify if you have a preferred time on your Transportation form. We will send out confirmation of your time and more detailed drop-off instructions 2 weeks before your camper’s arrival day.
Important details for Drop-Off at Camp:
  • Lunch is only available for our campers and staff.
    • We will have refreshments available at check-in, but we recommend planning to grab a bite before or after drop-off.
    • Check-in is closed from 12-1pm for lunch. Please do not arrive during this time. If you find yourself in the area early, here are local coffee shops and lunch spots we recommend:
      • Artisan Coffee – local baked goods and artwork for sale
      • Joe’s Coffee – local baked goods, bagel sandwiches, smoothie bowls
      • Courthouse Cafe – classic diner and street tacos
  • Comfort Inn & Suites Susanville, CA (530) 257-3450
  • SureStay Plus by Best Western Susanville, CA (530) 257-4123

Important details for Pick-Up at Camp:
  • Pick-up is from 8-10am.
  • There are no tours or events scheduled for closing day, so please plan for a quicker pick-up process. If you wish to tour camp, see your camper's cabin, see more of camp "in-action", etc. we recommend planning to drop-off at camp so you may take advantage of the events happening that day. 
  • There will be coffee and bathrooms available at the Dining Hall.
A staff member wearing an MMR staff shirt and MMR sign will greet your camper at their arrival gate in Reno, assist them in retrieving their luggage, and walk with them to the camp vans/bus for the drive to camp. Please arrange for your camper to arrive/depart the Reno-Tahoe International Airport between 9:00am-1:00pm. ANY flights booked outside of these times will incur a $75 fee.  Flights are limited in and out of the Reno-Tahoe airport, please plan early and book travel early. All of your camper’s flight information must be submitted on the Transportation Form by May 1, 2024 or before in order to reserve their seat on the camp vans. Information received after this deadline will likely result in your needing to plan a drop-off at camp directly. Emailed travel information will not be accepted.  
We will meet you at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport between 9-10am, and your camper can join the camp van/bus!  You will meet our staff at the Skier Statue located on the ground floor, just inside from the main entrance (circled in red below). Please let us know if you require a different pick-up or drop-off time from this so we may ensure your camper is seated on a convenient van to/from camp. Pick-up at the end of their camp stay is also 9-10am at the Skier StatueThe Reno-Tahoe Airport is undergoing major construction to their ticketing check-in area. Reduced Speeds and Lane Closures on Airport Loop Road. The lanes closest to the Ticketing Hall are closed and civilian access has moved to the outside three lanes closest to the parking garage. *Please plan to arrive early for pick-up and drop-off.

More Travel Tips

Things To Know

Our camp vans transport campers to and from the Reno Airport on Opening and Closing Day, free of charge within our time windows. There will be a $75 fee for transportation from the airport outside of our time windows and on non-travel days. Camp vans are only available for enrolled campers, no other guests may ride the shuttle. NOTE: All passengers must wear seat belts at all times while traveling in MMR vehicles. No wrestling, yelling, moving about, rocking back and forth, or bouncing. All passengers must remain seated, face forward at all times, and campers who feel sick or need to use the restroom must tell the driver.
Many airlines require UM and luggage fees to be paid at the departing airport on the day of travel. Please send your child with a prepaid credit card (minimum balance of $200) to cover any airline fees that were not paid ahead of time.. Reno-Tahoe Airport does not accept cash, and our airport staff cannot cover these expenses. If any additional expenses are incurred on departure day, these will be charged to the credit card in your Parent Account.
Airline companies require a designated person be identified in order to book for an unaccompanied minor. Staff are assigned this position at a later date. In order to book, please use the following contact as a placeholder* : Brandon Whitestone – (530)310-4762 – * We will send the updated contact information of your camper’s designated pick-up person the week before their travel day. You will need to update this information prior to your camper’s flight.

Travel FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide the best camp travel experience, receiving travel information by May 1st allows us to schedule travel and coordinate each travel day early. Naturally, there will be missed flights, cancelled flights, family emergencies, etc. that adjust travel slightly. However, we do our best to ensure last minute changes by one do not significantly impact the flow of travel for the majority. In past seasons we have noticed a tendency for families to delay making travel plans to and from camp, sometimes until the few days prior to their session. We understand that life is busy and it can be hard to plan. However, in order for us to ensure that we provide the best travel experience for all campers coming and going, we have had to tighten the standards on our travel policies. Further, in order to be sure your camper is secured a seat on our airport transportation, you must complete your travel information by the deadline. Information submitted past the deadline is not guaranteed a seat on airport transportation.
We will not penalize you for changes outside of your control (illness, injury, family emergency, act of nature, etc) and will adjust accordingly to ensure your camper has a smooth travel day once in our care.
We will do our best to accommodate the new travel arrangements; however, travel changes that are not due to an emergency or other extenuating circumstance and communicated AFTER the May 1st deadline may be subject to a $75 travel fee for speciality travel on our end.
Opening day at camp is an exciting time when connections start and campers are able to familiarize themselves with the camp environment. Arriving at camp before 3pm is vital to ensure your camper has the most successful start to their camp experience. Closing day is a travel day and we do not have program on this day, scheduling departure travel before 1pm ensures your camper has a smooth end to their camp experience. Please call us to verify any travel plans that deviate from our recommendations. If your alternate arrangements require an airport pick-up outside of our recommended window or on a non-travel day, you will be charged a $75 fee. If you do not communicate your alternate travel plans prior to May 1, 2023, we cannot guarantee transportation.


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