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Packing List

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Packing Tips

Please have your child participate in packing for camp so they know where to find what they need.


We recommend campers pack in two pieces of luggage: one large piece to be used for clothing and a small duffle bag for sleeping bag, pillow, etc. A daypack, small like used for school, is also required. Laundry is done once per 2-week session and cabin storage is limited, so please try not to over-pack. 


Summers are simply lovely at the ranch. Our daily temperatures average a dry 85℉, while the nights average 50℉. We hope for one good rain-dumping thunderstorm each summer!


All campers have a single bunk and we provide one pillow and pillow case. What you choose to send with your camper for sleeping is totally up to their comfort needs. A sleeping bag might be all they need-or maybe they need more comfort so they bring sheets, a blanket, and an extra pillow.


We want the clothes worn at camp to be functional, so we have developed the dress code policy included in the Standards section. If campers choose to dress inappropriately they will be asked to change, or wear camp-issued shirt/shorts. 


Items that are not labeled are less likely to be returned to your camper if they get lost in the cabin, on laundry day, or around camp.


Our main camp grounds are even and grassy, but many activities have rough and uneven ground, so appropriate footwear is a safety requirement. Running shoes work best at camp. Hiking or any other specialty shoe is only optional, and keep in mind new shoes can cause more harm than good (blisters-yikes!).


Each cabin is assigned one laundry day per 2-week session, beginning the first Thursday. Therefore, your campers laundry may not be until the end of the session. Please pack enough clothes (especially underwear and socks) for the whole session. 



We will have sanitizer and sanitization products available throughout camp facilities. If you would like to send your camper with their own personal sanitizer and wipes you are welcome to do so, just be sure they meet the CDC criteria for sanitization.



While we will have extra masks on-hand, all campers must have enough three-layer masks for the full two-weeks. There are various styles and types of masks with their own “life-span” before it must be disposed of or washed. We only offer laundry once per two-week session so take this into account when packing. We recommend purchasing a pack of three-layer cloth masks in fun prints and colors. 



All campers and staff are required to have a mask on their person at all times to be available to use whenever needed. We recommend sending campers with a mask lanyard to limit the potential for lost masks, unnecessarily dirtied masks, or accidental swapping of masks between campers. There are many affordable options available online, from simple to fun.




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