Summer 2020 Update

Summer 2020 Update

Dear Camp Family,

With heavy hearts we share the sad reality that due to Covid-19 we will be unable to operate as usual for Summer 2020. The summer camp experience that we all know and love is now postponed until Summer 2021. This decision has come from many hours of research, meetings, and conversations with fellow Summer Camp professionals and our local Health Department.



We remain committed to:

  1. The health and safety of our entire camp family. 

  2. Providing community, support, and camaraderie to our camp family in whatever capacity possible. 

  3. Living out Aj Ypekanbe, “Serve All,” in all that we do. We will continue to serve each other above ourselves by living out our core values: inclusivity, empathy, stewardship, integrity, authenticity, and mindfulness. 


We are getting creative in our brainstorming for what we possibly can do this summer! We can’t emphasize enough the importance of your voice in guiding our steps as we dream and plan (all within  the parameters of local health department regulations, of course). Please take a few moments to fill out this short and simple survey.

Help us make 2020 great! 

Take our 2020 survey: 



We are immensely grateful to each and every one of you that has made this business one full of joy and life. 

We will miss you all, the ones we knew and the one’s we didn’t get to. We will miss many things this summer… The wonderful sounds of kids playing. All the beautiful campers and staff. The intense, fullness and immenseness of life lived abundantly. The songs sung around the campfire and beneath the stars, surrounded by the towering pines. The buzz at mealtimes. The peanut butter jelly table. The Birthday Song and subsequent huckage. “What time is snack time?” Lazy afternoons by the Lagoon. “Story time is OPEN!” The Overnight and the growth and camaraderie that happens there. The gift of watching the camp family come together and learn to love and lift each other up by living Aj Ypekanbe, “Serve All.”  This is the heart song that we, the Ellena family, and many others, have sung every summer since 1956 & it will be sung again – Summer 2021, we look forward to you!

We hope each of you, new or veteran, will consider rolling over your enrollment with us so that you can take part in the magic! 

2021 Dates*

Session A: Sunday June 13 — Friday June 25
Session B: Sunday June 27 — Friday July 9
Session C: Sunday July 11 — Friday July 23
Session D: Sunday July 25 — Friday August 6

* Please make note that these dates are subject to change before relevant school districts announce their 2020-2021 dates.



We are here for you. In addition to our full-time Office Line, Anna will open our Summer Only Parent Line from 1pm-5pm Monday-Friday starting May 13th until May 29th. This is available for anyone – parent, camper, or alumni – that wants to ask a question about our decision or what’s next, share a good memory or word of encouragement, or simply process. 

Office: (530) 257-4419
Parent Line: (530) 310-9215


If you are currently enrolled in camp for Summer 2020, you will soon receive an email with detailed information about your cancellation options moving forward. If you didn’t receive the email check your spam and then reach out to us at Click here to Login to your parent account.




With love,
Your MMR Family

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  1. Do you have any sessions open this summer? I understand the program will be modified for Covid 19. We are looking for an option for our 12-year-old son. Thanks so much!


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