Save Next Summer!

Save Next Summer!

Dear camp family,


2020 has been one crazy ride for all of us. Not  running our camp program last summer for the first time in over 60 years was a new and difficult experience (some may say adventure) for our team at MMR. We missed all of you: the joy and energy, the relationships that turn us into a family, the dancing outside of our comfort zones as we celebrated life and growth. Suffice it to say, we just can’t wait to get back to doing what we love most: CAMP! 

California has yet to release the Covid-19 specific guidance for residential (sleep-away) camp programs. 

California day camps have received their guidance, and other states throughout the country have already provided residential camp guidance (some in time for last summer’s 2020 programs). As many of you know, camp requires year-round preparation and for no season has that been more true than the upcoming 2021 summer. We will need to account for new and unique situations brought on by the continued Covid-19 pandemic, and we want to do that in the best way possible to ensure the safety of all camp family members. But to do that, we need to receive the guidelines specific to our state and district. If we don’t receive these guidelines from California in time, we might find ourselves in another situation like 2020!


We believe in the power of camp.

We believe that the youth of today need the positive and life-changing experiences of camp. At no time has our industry been more needed than now, when so many youth have already had to mourn the loss of countless important and formative experiences due to this pandemic. We believe we can continue the important and needed purpose of camp in a safe way and are committed to doing everything in our power to make that happen for summer 2021. 


Here’s where you come in. 


  1. Find your (or your camp’s) representatives.

You can find your representative by putting your (or your camp’s) address into the form at this link: 


  1. Write your representative a letter or an email.
    If you aren’t sure what to say, we’ve provided some templates for you to use. Just go to the links and copy the text. Then paste it into a word processor. The parts in red need to be personalized so that you can tell YOUR story. Then print it out and send it (or email it!) using the information in the contact form above!


Here is the templates for campers.

​Here is the templates for camp parents.



Post a story, photo, tiktok, whatever you want using the hashtag #SaveNextSummer so that we can make sure as many people as possible know about our campaign!




For information regarding the national movement to save next summer: 


For information regarding California specifically: 


Thank you all for helping us #SAVENEXTSUMMER !


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