Reading Recommendations That Inspire Adventure

Reading Recommendations That Inspire Adventure

We asked owner Jack “Chip” Ellena to give us some recommendations for books that inspire adventure. If we can’t go on adventures, we can still read about them and live vicariously through books! 

“There are so many.
Call Of the Wild,
To Build A Fire (anything by Jack London) 
Banner In The Sky,
any of the Tintin series,
Robinson Crusoe,
Where The Red Fern Grows,
Old Yeller,
Savage Sam,
My Side of the Mountain,
Tom Sawyer and Huck Fin,
Treasure Island,
Anything Jules Verne,
Anything by Rudyard Kipling,
Anything Tolkien or C.S. Elliot,
Books by Michael Crichton
Anything by Charles Dickens,
Lord of the Flies.

There really are hundreds. Each of these reminds me of great reads about great adventure!”

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