Give The Gift Of Camp

Give The Gift Of Camp

Toys? Clothes? The latest GoPro or Iphone? Each holiday season, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are faced with the hard decision of what to give the children they love. This year, may we suggest something new? Or maybe something you were already intending to give them..

 This Christmas season, give your child a gift that will be the highlight of their year!

You can enjoy the smile on their face Christmas morning, along with months of anticipation and excitement. And it all leads up to a week of summer camp that they will never forget.

Merry Christmas


What makes a session at Mountain Meadow Ranch a better gift than that awesome GoPro Session?

Camp provides children the chance to try new activities, but more importantly – time for free play, a nurturing and safe social environment, and essential time in the outdoors. It’s a great experience that offers unique learning opportunities and memories that truly last. This year give a special child in your life the gift that lasts a lifetime — give them the gift of camp.

Camp parents, camp professionals, and grown up campers have always known that the camp experience benefits children — but there is now research to back it!  With generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc., ACA (The American Camp Association) published the study, Youth Development Outcomes of the Camp Experience, which confirms what we have all experienced – that the camp experience builds the necessary skills for our children to assume roles as successful adults.

Parents, campers, and camp staff independently reported growth in areas such as:


self-confidence – independence – making friends – appreciation of diversity –  teamwork – emotion regulation – appreciation for simplicity


Indeed, camp provides growth experiences for youth that can benefit them through adulthood.


As this holiday season approaches, offer the children in your life a gift that will provide them with time outdoors, a chance to play, an opportunity for experiential learning and growth — plus memories, skills, and experiences they will cherish their entire lives. Let’s pass up the newest electronic toy this year and give the gift of camp.

What are you waiting for…give the Gift of Camp this Christmas!

Download this custom Gift Certificate and roll it in a new sleeping bag, roll it into a Nalgene water bottle—or put it in a regular gift box and stick it under your tree. However you choose to deliver it, we can guarantee delight when the child discovers that camp is in the near future.

Enroll your child or grandchild for the 2018 summer before January 31, 2018 and you will save $300.



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