Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions

What impact does the CDC’s new guidance on vaccinated individuals have on camps?

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) provides guidance for MMR and other camps throughout the state. At this stage guidance for resident camps advise that we continue to have protocols and strategies in place for COVID-19 if ANY camp member is unvaccinated (this includes all of our campers under 12). Until that guidance changes or we hear otherwise, our protocols will likely remain the same to ensure that our entire camp family is safe and healthy. 


Will these protocols change over the summer?

It is impossible to predict with absolute confidence how these protocols may change over the course of the summer. As California promises big changes early in June, we may see some of that impact resident camp guidance, or we may not. Rest assured any changes will be communicated to you before your camper joins us. See the above question for more on this topic. 


Will activities be done in cabin groups?

Nope! Campers will get to choose their own activities twice a day and spend time with campers from other cabins This is when the 2/3 rule comes into play (They must meet TWO of the following three criteria: be outside, be 3-6’ distance from others, wear a mask.)


Will my camper have to eat all alone at one table? 

Nope! Meals will be eaten as cabin groups all together around the table. 


Will my camper have to wear a mask all day in the hot sun?

Nope! When campers and staff are outside of their cabin group they will abide by the 2/3 rule and meet TWO of the following three criteria: be outside, be 3-6’ distance from others, wear a mask. 

All campers and staff will have masks on-hand (ideally hanging on a mask lanyard) that they can wear when necessary for small periods of time; such as, when a camper needs help with their harness at high ropes. 

When with their cabin group there will be no mask or distance requirements. 


Note: Although mask-wearing may not be a constant requirement at camp this summer, all campers and staff must be willing to wear a mask if necessary and asked to do so.


What kind of test is required to come to camp? When do I need to schedule it?

A negative PCR test within 72 hours of your session start date.


What if the test results aren’t ready by my camper’s session?

We must have your camper’s negative PCR test results OR verification fo vaccination to welcome them to MMR this summer. There are many options for getting a PCR test. When volume of testing is low, test results can be ready as soon as same day. If you are concerned the volume of testing in your area will be high, consider booking a testing appointment with a private company. 


Is the shuttle to MMR from Reno available for parents and campers? 

The shuttle to and from MMR is a travel option available ONLY for campers. Parents are welcome to fly with their camper to the Reno Airport to meet the shuttle, but they will unfortunately not be able to join the shuttle to camp. We request any parents that choose to drop off at the Reno Airport say their goodbyes before getting to the drop-off location to mitigate congregation in this area. If you’d like to accompany your camper all the way to MMR, we recommend choosing the “drop-off at camp” travel option. 


We are not comfortable sending our camper to camp this summer, what is the cancellation policy?

If you are unsure or uncomfortable about sending your camper to camp this summer, please contact as soon as you are able. We have extended our cancellation policy until June 1 meaning you have until then to cancel a receive a refund less a $200 fee. After that date you may rollover any funds paid to 2022. 


How did you determine your protocols and procedures for COVID-19 at MMR this summer?

We have spent the past year reviewing, adapting, and modifying CDC, ACA, and CDPH guidance and requirements to fit our camp program. We continue to work daily to review and make updates to ensure that our program and protocols are the safest and most up-to-date possible. 


What if my camper tests positive for COVID-19 on the pre-camp PCR test?

Unfortunately, your child will not be able to attend their scheduled session. Due to CDC guidelines, any positive test, even if followed shortly after with a negative test, requires a 10-day quarantine period. We will work with you to reschedule your child’s camp stay to a later session or defer enrollment to 2022.


What if my child tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp, whether as a part of camp-wide testing or individual testing following reported symptoms?

Your camper will be immediately quarantined at camp and you will be contacted to pick up your camper at camp within 12 hours. Unfortunately, due to current CDC guidelines and the length of our camp sessions, there isn’t a retesting option.


What if my child’s pre-camp COVID-19 test results are not ready before departing for camp?

We must have your camper’s negative COVID-19 test results (or verification of vaccination) prior to boarding a camp bus or being dropped off at camp.


Does my insurance cover the cost for the COVID-19 test done prior to and during my child’s camp session?

Some insurance carriers may cover testing, be sure to check with your insurance company.


If I have to pick up my child early from camp due to a COVID-19 positive test result will we receive a tuition refund?

Yes, we will provide a prorated refund starting at the time your camper is picked up from camp.


What if a camper or staff in my child’s cabin tests positive for COVID-19 at camp?

Campers who have been exposed to a camper with a positive COVID-19 result will continue with camp programming with some modifications to limit exposure to people outside their cabin group. Changes to programming will conclude after three days with confirmation of a negative test result. Monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms will continue for the remainder of the camp stay. 


Are you requiring staff or your campers age 12 and older to be vaccinated?

Per CDC recommendations for summer camps, we are strongly encouraging all members of our camp community who are eligible to receive the vaccination.


What if my child has a condition that may mimic the symptoms of COVID-19?

Please update your camper’s health form to indicate their condition and the symptoms to our Health Care staff. 


What if my camper is medically exempt from wearing masks? 

We invite them to join us for camp in Summer 2022 when mask requirements are less likely. We, unfortunately, cannot accommodate staff or campers that are unable to wear masks as this is a recommendation from the CDC and CDPH to keep our camp family safe. For any further clarification on why we came to this conclusion, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer this more fully.

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