7 Reasons for Summer Camp

7 Reasons for Summer Camp

We love summer camp.

That might seem like an obvious statement but allow us to explain. We don’t love summer camp because we have been doing it for 60 years or because we think it is tons of fun or because it is our business. We love summer camp because we have seen the tremendous impact it has on the lives of those who attend. We have heard countless stories from kids and adults about the significant impact camp has had on their lives. We are not just talking about Mountain Meadow either. We love all summer camps; sports camps, winter camps, day camps, band camps, sleep-away camps, underwater basketweaving camps.

We love summer camp because we love people and we want to see them flourish and grow into the people they were created to be. 


Here are a few of the ways that we believe summer camp helps campers flourish and grow. 


1. Camp promotes social skills
Camp is a community away from home and school where kids learn to work with each other and counselors to, build relationships and manage conflict.


2. Camp models healthy living
According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity in children has doubled, and in teens has quadrupled, in the last 30 years. Thanks to the many activities camp offers, kids stay busy and physically active.

We also strive to provide nutritious and delicious food for our campers. We teach portion control as well as how to maintain a balanced diet. 

3. Camp enhances self-confidence
According to an extensive study of camper outcomes conducted by Philliber Research Associates, 70 percent of parents report that their child gained self-confidence while at camp. Whether they work through homesickness or tackle an activity that pushed them outside of their comfort zone, kids walk away feeling a stronger sense of personal pride and self-reliance.

What Campers Say:

96% say camp helped them make new friends

92% say people at camp make them feel good about themselves

74% did something they were afraid to do at first

Source: ACACamps.org

4. Camp helps kids unplug and build friendships
In a distracting digital world, camp offers valuable space where kids can slow down, connect and focus. Away from the pressures, labels and social structure of school, one of the best parts of camp is the opportunity for kids to make new friends. At Mountain Meadow we hold all of the campers’ tech for the duration of their time at camp. Some campers say that this is their favorite part of camp. They are removed from the pressures of social media and can be themselves. 

5. Camp reintroduces kids to nature
According to a nationwide poll conducted by The Nature Conservancy, only about 10 percent of children spend time outdoors every day. Why? Kids say they aren’t interested, they lack access and are uncomfortable outside. In the meantime, they’re growing more and more attached to life in cyberspace and further detached from the natural world. Camp provides kids the perfect opportunity to see what they’ve been missing in the great outdoors.

Mountain Meadow Ranch is located on a 900 acre working ranch surrounded by mountains and forest. We give our campers ample time to explore nature, dig in the dirt and build out of natural materials. We love watching campers get reacquainted with the beauty of creation. 




6. Camp fosters teamwork
Camp facilitates an environment where kids learn that to succeed they must work together with their peers and their camp leaders. Whether they’re working to build a campfire together, playing a game, or conquering fears, campers learn to problem-solve to accomplish their goals. Through teamwork, kids learn that they are each an integral part of the camp community where they can feel a sense of acceptance and belonging.

At Mountain Meadow we love the diversity of ages and backgrounds that are represented at camp. Campers are given the opportunity to work with and get to know people they otherwise wouldn’t normally interact with.



7. Camp encourages personal growth
While camp may simply seem like a quintessential summer pastime for kids to play, sleep in a cabin and sing around a campfire, they will be rewarded with personal development skills that can help them in the classroom, in their relationships and in whatever calling they choose.



Because of these seven benefits (and many more) we strongly encourage everyone to find a summer camp that works for them. It might not be Mountain Meadow, but we hope you find a camp that fits your child and lifestyle.




Modified from https://indyschild.com/the-benefits-of-summer-camp/

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  1. Thank you for all this great information about kids going to summer camp. I really like your point about kids being able to unplug from electronics. and be able to socialize with other kids. It’s hard to convince my daughter that there is another world other than her phone, and that is a huge benefit if we can make it into our schedule to get her into a summer camp.

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