2019 Dance Themes

2019 Dance Themes

Drum roll please! ………

The dance themes for each session have been announced and we are so excited!

At MMR we take dances very seriously. We try to be as seriously silly as possible. We encourage campers to let down their walls and enjoy being a kid and dance like no one is watching. One of they ways we try to break down walls is by dressing up in ridiculous outfits and just being goofy!

Campers can dress up as much or as little as they feel comfortable and they are encouraged to pack a few things to help them jump into the fun! So if you need to run to Goodwill or raid your hillybilly uncle’s house, now is the time! 


Check the theme for your session below and be ready for a good time! 


Session A- Jingle bell Jungle Jamboree

Session B-Super Hero Luau

Session C- Retirement Party In Space

Session D- Hippie-Hillbilly Hootenanny

The last dance theme for each session will be decided by the CILTS.

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