2018 Family Handbook

2018 Family Handbook

The Family Handbook for summer 2018 is available online now and will be arriving at your door by the end of the month! We updated a few sections and added some beautiful photography from Karen Westfall Photography, so even if you are a returner please take some time to enjoy reading through it. Our hope is that it will answer any questions that come up as you prepare for camp as well as increase your excitement for the adventure that lies ahead! 


The Family Handbook has all the important information you need for planning travel to and from camp. Including:

  • The approved escorted flights
  • Pick-up & Drop-off times 
  • Nearby accomodations
  • Safety procedures
  • And more!



Probably the most used page in the Handbook, the packing list! Remember it’s a guide to help you get started, only you and your camper know what additional items they might need to be comfortable. We’ve included lots of extra tips about what to bring. 

But all of those things are online….why read the Handbook??


The Family Handbook also includes sections on how to prepare for and cope with homesickness & kidsickness – two very important topics if this is your camper(s) first summer away. We talk about what to expect on Opening Day & Activities. Does your camper have food allergies or take medication? Then you’ll probably want to read the Health section. If none of those things peek you interest (not possible), we still ask everyone to read our handbook because it includes the Standards section. It’s important to us that everyone know the behaviors we do and do not expect at MMR before getting to camp. We’ve provided all the information we think will benefit you as you prepare for camp. 

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