10 Signs You Might Be Camp Sick

10 Signs You Might Be Camp Sick

We’ve all heard of homesickness, but what about campsickness? It’s real and we need to take notice and care for those affected. Here are just a few of the symptoms to watch out for:

1. You find yourself singing camp songs in the shower

“OH did he ever return?!”


2. “When’s snack time?”

The highlight of the day for any sane person, after Mail Call of course.


3. You daydream about lagoon hangs

The best of conversations happen on a paddle boat. The most adrenaline pumps through your veins on your first jump from the High Jump. The grass is the softest on the hill overlooking the Lagoon. 


4. You find yourself being picked more for things in class because your hand raising skills are on point.


Perhaps the greatest skill you picked up at camp. Sure, wakeboarding, archery, and climbing a tree are all pretty impressive; but this one will take you far in life.


5. You find out it’s your friend’s birthday and instinctively start pounding on the table.




6. Big events just don’t feel the same without honoring it with a “Big One”.

Nothing seals a crowds approval like a unified rhythmic clap. And nothing unifies us like nailing 5 clean ones!


7. You look for ways to talk to ANYONE who will listen about camp.

“Oh! That reminds me of…..oh, ya that was at camp.” Tries to explain. “Never mind.”


8. “When’s snack time?”

Finally! An apple has never been more anticipated or enjoyed.


 9. You still have a PB & J after every meal because that’s normal, right?

You know what they say, “A PB&J a day…”


10. You find yourself giving your friends “Handles”, and no one understands what that is…

And making it official alone just feels silly.



Comment below any other symptoms you’ve been experiencing!



3 responses to “10 Signs You Might Be Camp Sick”

  1. 1) When you call water analge
    2) become obsessed with making friendship bracelets for all of your friends
    3) become a professional s’mores maker after the overnight trip
    4) start singing jet plane when you go on the airplane
    5) become used to the camp sleep schedule after camp
    6) when you feel like you either have to “hop” or “slop” when you eat a meal

  2. When you think of all the fun you had at camp, you cry because you miss it… (from experience)

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