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summer camp backpackersAt Mountain Meadow Ranch California Summer Camp we offer ALL of the fun kids activities you see above, and more!

What’s cool is you can CHOOSE what activities you would like to participate in 2 to 4 times each weekday, and of course, the offerings will vary from day to day.

So for example, if archery isn’t your thing but you love horses, you can spend as much activity time at the horse arena as you want! Of course we would like to encourage you to try as many new and different activities as possible, but it’s still your choice.

Serendipity, flexibility and free choice are essential to our summer camp program, designed to allow you to style the program according to what you want to do. *You do not need to “pre-register” before participating in an activity or before coming to our camp. (The one exception is white water rafting.)


Weekends are a little different; the camp family is divided into four teams, or “colors” for all kinds of crazy competitions.  The entire camp participates in these events; however you still get to choose what role you’d like to have in each of the events.

Call us at (530) 257-4419 with any questions you have.


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