Mountain Meadow Ranch is very proud of the success so many of our campers have experienced from the Low and High Ropes Challenge Course. It is also one of the most popular activities offered at our summer camp.

At our High Ropes Course, campers have the opportunity to test themselves and really push their limits within well supervised, safe and controlled constraints. Up as high as 50’ in huge Ponderosa pines, kids may attempt all or one of eighteen different elements. The names of some of these thrillers speak for themselves. Favorites include the Pamper Pole, Mad Max’s Multi-Vine, Pan’s Disappearing Plank, TheCaterpillar Climb, Flying Trapeze, and Jacob’s Ladder. Professionally supervised by our summer camp counseling staff, all elements of the High Ropes Course are attempted with the aid of a belayer and onlookers cheering moral support. These elements are a tremendous challenge to the kids physical, emotional and mental abilities. Upon completion, campers leave the High Ropes on one of California’s longest zip lines. Measuring over 800 feet in length, the kids embark on a truly euphoric flight out of the forest and on across the meadow beyond.

High Ropes became so popular many years ago that we added a second course, known as The Gauntlet, which includes a high climbing wall, The Centipede, Big Foot’s Crossing, Hourglass, and other elements for more experienced and adventurous campers. Our High and Low courses are inspected and approved annually.