Feedback From The Happy Parents of 2015!!

---- 2015 - Session C ------

My son really enjoyed his 4 weeks of fun and adventures outdoors. MMR is the perfect setting to detox this young generation from the TECHNO WORLD and "get back to nature ". He's looking forward to next year. Many thanks to Chip, Jody and the great Camp staff. I was impressed at the warm, friendly, caring personalities of the counselors. He was so busy with the activities that he forgot about his Playstation and Xbox. Seeing the pictures of his overnight camping trek with him and his fellow campers COOKING SNAKES !!! How cool is that ??? He said they "tasted like chicken", but mixed with seaweed....ugh !

She says "singing songs and having lots of fun." We'd say she built her confidence and learned to never give up even in the face of huge challenges. "One day my counsellor asked me to swing from one high rope to the other. I was scared, but I did it...actually I missed the rope, but made a great save with my hands. That taught me to have lots of courage and confidence all the time" We will recommend MMR to parents in our community (Shanghai China)

The counselors - They were awesome This was the best year ever!!! Looking forward to year #5 blanket !!!!The counselors - They were awesome This was the best year ever!!! Looking forward to year #5 blanket !!!!

I'm so happy to find people like you willing to help youth discover how including instead of excluding; respect in language and attitudes instead of rude behaviour ; nature , talents and the practice of our abilities as well as listening sharing stories within a group , writing, enjoying each others company instead of the use of technology devices to get in touch with people , all this as priority in dealing with a group of kids nowdays. I thought I was almost alone in this world going against the flow of the water in all this. I cannot express how blessed I feel for finding this opportunity for my kids. I' m so proud to write all this because is not what I saw by myself but what I see in the eyes of my three children and what I can hear in my kids stories. Thank you so much for all the work you do and all the commitment of your group of counselors.

My son had an absolute blast at Mountain Meadow Camp. The first thing he said to me was "Can I go for 4 weeks next year?" He loved all the activities especially riflery. He also really enjoyed the capture the flag game and the low ropes course. He commented several times that the counselors were all really nice. I toured the camp when I dropped him off and was really impressed with the facilities. He also commented that the food was really good. I was thrilled that he had such a great time and he will be back next year.

---- 2015 - Session A ------

My son REALLY liked his counselors and all three of my kids were beyond thrilled with the experience. They said it was a strong family atmosphere and the people were fantastic! It was best camp ever! The range of activities offered & the ability for campers to choose the activities that appealed to them. Great outdoor, old-fashioned summer camp experience.

Overall, my son LOVED Mountain Meadow Ranch. He's been home two weeks now, and still talks about his camp experiences on a daily basis. He really enjoyed 'Primal', tennis, and riflery in particular. Again, my son overall LOVED his experience at Mountain Meadow Ranch and can't wait to go back next year. I was a camper myself back in the late 80s, and it's very fun to hear about camp life today, and see that so many fun camp traditions are still in place decades later!  

My boy can't stop talking about all of his amazing experiences at MMR! I'm so glad that I picked him up today, because he was able to give me the grand tour. In addition to being so incredibly impressed by the facilities & the sheer beauty of the camp, I also got to witness his excitement about all of the fun experiences & opportunities that he had at camp.

One of the first things he said to me when I picked him up today was, "I'm DEFINITELY coming back next year! I might even want to come for 2 sessions!!" Also, as he was giving me the grand tour, he showed me the fountain & said, "I love this fountain. When I saw this fountain on the first day of camp I KNEW I was going to love this camp, but I actually ended up loving it even 10,000 times more!!" (My husband & I can't figure out exactly what it was about that fountain that moved him so much, though we agree that it's beautiful).

Thank you so much for all that you do to make this camp such a special place. We are eternally grateful!

All what I can say is that as soon as he saw us at the airport, the first thing that he said was, can I come back next year? This was the best camp ever. He said that his counselor was awesome. He arrived last night and he wouldn't stop talking about how much fun he had and how many friends he did.

Thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks for my son and daughter. They BOTH had a wonderful time at camp!!! They loved the activities--both activity days and the color war and campfire activities and special trips like primal. They have a deep appreciation of how beautiful and special of a place Mtn Meadow is. They both benefited so much from the loving, family like atmosphere. i could see that they made close friends across the age groups, across genders, with campers and counselors alike and that there was a lot of kindness and love in these friendships. i was so glad they had this experience that also even further strengthened their strong bond as siblings. The ride home was filled with many stories of experiences they shared while there together.

The kids had a fantastic experience at camp. They are already talking about next year. They have spoken positively about their counselors.

As always MMR has provided another fantastic summer of growth and experience. It is always amazing to see the kids come back more self confident full of stories. We have shared MMR DVD with several families and continue to promote this within our community.

My daughter had a great experience at camp and we really appreciate the TLC she received on check in day (some stress on her part regarding parent departure!). As this was her first MMR experience, she was really pleased with her two weeks and wants to go back next year.

Once again my daughter had a great summer and I just want to say how much I appreciate your devotion to creating an environment that's tolerant of everyone from every walk of life. She learns a lot from the diversity at the camp and it makes her realize how lucky she is to lead the life she does. Teaching the campers tolerance and compassion for everyone is so important. Thanks for taking such an inclusive approach to such a diverse group of people.

I want to thank all of you for that wonderful experience my son got at this camp. He can wait to go back next year. Next year? He even said I can go in the winter as well.


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