Our Philosophy

At Mountain Meadow Ranch Camping is our life. We believe strongly in the positive values and unique experiences to be gained from the exceptional camping experience at Mountain Meadow.

Our Camp Objective
The primary purpose of camp is fun. At Mountain Meadow Ranch, fun is a given, but while having loads of fun we have a higher, deeper purpose.

Our goal is to provide the best possible environment to enhance our quality program, providing unlimited opportunities for new and varied experiences, learning new physical and social skills, companionship, and individual growth and development. We strive to create an environment that is in every way healthful and safe, where encouragement, laughter and joy are the norm. With our enrollment limited to no more than 100 campers and high return rate (+70% return since 1993), a strong sense of family is easily developed, where all participate in the mission to create and maintain a positive environment of encouragement, caring and peace. Returning campers and staff make great efforts to achieve this goal and to reach out and include newcomers into the camp family. Their continuous return is evidence of our success. Our primary objective is to enhance the self-confidence, growth, development and environmental awareness of each individual.

The opportunity to become a part of this unique camp family and to participate in the comprehensive variety of activities are all part of the dynamic life at Mountain Meadow Ranch. The enthusiasm with which our campers have participated in our programs and their consistent yearly return has given Mountain Meadow Ranch the reputation of providing the best possible summer camp experience for the boys and girls whose parents desire the best for them.

Read about the AJ Ypekanbe committment and how it relates to our camp philosophy.

Mountain Meadow Ranch UNPLUGGED
Except for time sleeping in the cabins life at Mountain Meadow Ranch is lived outdoors in its natural, techno free, beauty.  All meals are outside, overlooking “the beautiful lagoon” under our “big top” canopy-covered patio. We are almost completely techno-free. The only music one hears is from our voices, guitars and occasional other electric-free musical instrument and during our weekly dances.  In today's techno-saturated, high-pressure world we all, especially children, need a chance to really be away from all of that; time for just the quiet, for the sounds of nature and time to process.

Mountain Meadow Ranch “GREEN”
Mountain Meadow Ranch strives to be a sustainable ranch as close to year-round as our climate allows. Our campers are encouraged to help with our organic garden and animal care. Campers can experience caring for, growing, harvesting and eating organic ranch foods; the real “slow food” experience. Our menu is complemented by many foods grown in the garden or grass-fed in the meadows. Mountain Meadow Ranch endeavors to use only “green” earth friendly recycled and recyclable products.


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