So what is a sleep away camp? The concept is pretty obvious from the name, but that hardly gives it the attention it deserves. There is actually a lot your children can experience when they stay there for one or two weeks. Finding the right mixture of what your child likes, what you want them to experience and the climate you want them to be in are all valuable concepts to consider. Other campers and counselors may tell spooky tales to scare you and your friends at night. Board games like Clue and Scrabble are also a favorite with campers, huddling over the cardboard, wrapped in warm blankets and lanterns. Whatever it is you want as a kid or as a parent, you will obviously have a great time. The bottom line is to get your kids to the outdoors and not cooped up inside the four walls of your house year to year.

Once in a while, everyone needs to have a break from the monotony of daily life. Whether they do it by shopping, going out for lunch or visiting some faraway place on a holiday or relative. While you are taking one of those power lunches or coffee breaks and thinking about your kids, take a moment and think about them having an adventurous time at a sleep away camp. Everyone likes to go camping but sometimes it’s hard to get away with the family. That’s why a sleep away camp that offers one or two week sessions is a great way for your kids to experience something new and outdoors while providing you as a parent a well needed break. After a good camp session you and your kids can return back school with energy, a clear head and steady mind. Not to mention a little of your sanity will be restored.

There are several essentials if you are sending your child to a sleep away camp. If they are spending a night or two out in the open, sleeping pads should top your list along with a good pillow and lantern to prevent the prickling grass or hard rocks beneath. Make sure you are also prepared with ample bug spray, the bugs will eat you alive. Don’t forget your flashlight when everyone is already asleep, you may need a handy way to navigate to the bathroom or indulge in a book if you can’t sleep. If you find yourself “counting sheep” then count the stars while you think about all the fun you have been having. Also bring along comfortable clothes, in case it is cold at night and at all costs, do not forget the sunscreen and ample bottles of water. But bring water bottles that you can refill. Plastic is not good for the environment and is easy to leave behind. When it comes to cooking, most people like to take a portable gas stove with them and cook canned beans and barbecue chicken. But if you take along food, always remember to make sure you have plenty of dish soap to clean up afterwards.

While we are at it, take your smartphone along to let your family and friends know that you are safe, but remember that this trip is supposed to be a break from everyday schedules. It won’t be the same if you keep on worrying about your friend’s status updates on Facebook. Have fun, and take in all a sleep away camp has to offer.