Kids camps in Northern California offer all possible kinds of features that fulfill the needs of young campers to get in touch with nature and understand the importance of camping as a way to connect with Mother Nature and their youth. The natural beauty is not the only thing that gives them a new perspective, but camps in California offer a service to parents and children looking for a variety of camp opportunities. These include specialized activity camps like music, performing arts, sports, camps for children with certain dietary needs, separate camps for boys and girls, mobile expeditions, hiking, mountaineering and many more.

There is a great amount of effort and investments put into the making, sustenance and active working on these camps. Many of these camps have been there for many years and some of them for 50 years or more. thus, due to experience, they are run by generations of well educated and disciplined administrations and faculty. The raw beauty and the natural landscape of these kids camps in Northern California provide a strong sense of independence. There are many different and dynamic scenarios to teach youngsters autonomy, new skills, how to face challenges, correct use of toolsand skillsets to shape their lives and personalities.The amount of self-worth and personal understanding is simultaneously creating incredible personal development and enjoyment. Six of the fifty most amazing camps of the United States are in California and a few stand out as kids camps in Northern California. They even have their distinct courses and features. Still even though there are many camps to choose from, they all have their pros and cons. It is hard to say there are real “cons” when it comes to a kids camp, it is still necessary to find the right camp for your child that fits their personality and expectation. At Mountain Meadow Ranch – Susanville, California, this camp located near lake Tahoe has the most beautiful landscape and is a practical example of a location with a variety of activities to choose from.

We all remember our first interaction with nature as kids. The desire to run down an open field and see an open space and wanting to just be a part of that beautiful open space still haunts us as adults and inspires us and our desire for our kids to take them to more green refreshing areas. Sub-consciously it all makes us feel closer to our origins and youth. This is the first and most basic significance of camping for youngsters. Nature propels children to develop the essential foundation of their physical, emotional and psychological (etc.) characteristics as humans. The origins of this recreational activity came to the U.S. from the early British, leading to a heightened trend surviving more than two centuries. California is one of the most beautiful states of the U.S. offering wide varieties of camp areas and re-creational opportunities.

Camping for children means an escape from the busy life of developed cities, a get away from the usual routine. Once in direct linkage with nature, these kids do not just find a chance to discover their own selves but also how to be an impressionable and significant part of a healthy community by learning group work, cooperation, and tolerance and by developing a social sense. This they do more appropriately in camps because they get to know who they are. California with its rivers, valleys, mountain range and typical camping sceneries provides just the environment for them.