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Tips for building perfect campfire

Lighting a fire is not as easy as it seems. When building a successful fire, one has to take care of certain things in order to get roaring fire. Wood required for the campfire must be prepared and arranged which is very important for a perfect campfire. The arrangement of wood will have an impact on how long the campfire will last. Thus, it should be done in a perfect manner. If you are looking to enjoy cold nights in reasonable comfort and warmth, certain steps need to be followed in order to ensure proper campfire.

If you are considering campfire, you need to make preparations for the same. Essentials like matches, lighters or candles need to be available. Though, these are popular choices in order to get fire going, a little bit of challenge will make the activity enjoyable. Methods that were used traditionally like using sticks or magnifying glass or stones can add excitement to the whole activity. It is also important to keep a bucket of water handy in case crackling fire goes out of hand.

Collecting all materials
Now the next step entails looking for suitable ingredients. Tinder is the most important ingredient, no doubt, as it is the first one that will catch flames. Other things that can be used are bark, lint, paper and wood shavings. All these ingredients can easily catch fire so will not pose any problem in getting campfire started. The mix also requires one more ingredient that is, kindling. It is available in the form of wood pieces, twigs and cardboard. It is very important to make sure that dry wood is available in appropriate quantities helping to keep fire burning for a long time. The wood must be dry as if it is wet, it will take a lot of time in catching fire.

Area Preparation
Once all materials have been secured, now the time is to get the area where campfire will be lit ready. The circular area should be cleared and a ring using rocks can be built or a pit can be dug around the area. This will help insulating fire and keep the fire well contained.

Starting fire
After completing above mentioned steps, now it is time to start fire. For this purpose, tinder needs to be placed loosely in the pile of kindling. This is done so as to allow air circulation. Kindling must be added gradually and it is important to ensure that fire is not smothered too fast. A decent flame will be established slowly. This way a successful campfire can be created.