Aj Ypekanbe

aj ypekanbe

Aj Ypekanbe, pronounced “Aj” as in badge, “Ype” as in ya pay, “kanbe” as in can be. Aj Ypekanbe, a Maidu Indian phrase meaning serve all (the Maidu Indians were the native American peoples who called the area known to us as Mountain Meadow Ranch their home for 1000’s of years). This Aj Ypekanbe is the targeted core ideal of the Mountain Meadow Ranch California summer camp family. Along with all of the fun and adventure for kids at Mountain Meadow Ranch, we desire to see all who come our summer camp grow as people, become more aware of their responsibilities as people and become better equipped for success throughout their lives. From the kids moment of arrival all of the camp family work together to implement this philosophy. The Aj Ypekanbe commitment is supported by six character traits, which are the base anchor points that our efforts hinge upon.

  • Inclusiveness
  • Empathy
  • Encouragement
  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
Nightly after our evening’s activity we gather at the campfire. Periodically this is a time when we discuss and review our progression as a camp family. This is the time when these character traits are presented, discussed, built upon and we continue in our growth as individuals and as a family. This is not a time where Chip and the directors lecture the campers, but is a time where everyone from the oldest to the youngest participates in sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ideas, promoting our individual and corporate efforts towards this AJ YPEKANBE commitment.

Read the AJ Ypekanbe commitment (PDF)


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