C.I.L.T. (Campers In Leadership Training)

The CILT program at MMR is geared towards giving our campers who are 13 years of age or older a more challenging, yet rewarding camp experience. CILT stands for Camper in Leadership Training and the program aims to not only educate campers about servant leadership, but to also put it into action at camp and hopefully throughout their lives. CILTs are true role models for the camp family as their goal is to emulate the characteristics of Aj Yepekanbe, lead by example, and serve in various aspects of camp life from washing dishes to assisting counselors in leading activities. Campers over the age of 13 are welcome to apply to become a CILT at the start of a session and if selected, will spend some activity time with their CILT leaders performing various team building activities, discussing, journaling about, and practicing servant leadership.

Learn about our Aj Yepekanbe commitment and how it defines our camp philosophy

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